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Simple, Formless, Compliant

Regit is a secure permissioned-based data platform that simplifies how individuals and businesses exchange personal information by eliminating the form.

Join, it is 100% free to individuals and free to start for businesses.

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How It Works?

Business creates an interaction, selects the required information, and sends the request for information to the individual on the Regit platform.

Individual reviews the request. If consented, the required information is sent to the business with as little as one click. No typing repetitive information, no unnecessary forms.

How Are We Different?

Regit gives individuals CONTROL of their information. We believe that only when individuals have control of their information, can businesses have control of their data.

100% FREE for individuals. Business only pays for what they use.

Security & Confidentiality

Regit offers convenience without compromising on security. Regit built-in security includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Encryption for data in-flight and at rest
  • Complex password and strong reset policy
  • Microsoft Azure for performance, compliance, and security

All information is shared only with your consent. Regit will never sell your information.