Regit for Business
Personal Data Protection and Privacy Compliance
Made Simple

Regit is a consent-based data management platform that transform how business collect, maintain, and use customer data in a Personal Data Protection and Privacy Compliant way.

Join, it is free to start for businesses and 100% free for individuals.

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Collect, Maintain, Use Customer Data In One Platform

Data in One Platform

Whether for events, registrations, surveys, or even EDMs, you can use Regit whenever you need to to collect, maintain, and use customer data.

Built-in Compliance gives you peace of mind so you can focus on running your business. Please refer to the Regit for business page to learn more.

How Are We Different?

Regit gives customers CONTROL of their information. We believe that only when customers have control of their information, can businesses have control of their business.

100% FREE for individuals. Business can choose from a number of plans to suit their requirements, including a free plan to get you started.

Security & Confidentiality

Data Protection Assured

Regit offers convenience without compromising on security. Regit built-in security includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Encryption for data in-flight and at rest
  • Complex password and strong reset policy
  • Private Login and IP Whitelist for those looking for added-security