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Give Your Customer Control Of Their Data So You Can Have Control Of Your Business!
Personal Data Protection And Privacy Rules Compliance Can Be This Simple.

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Your Current Method Of Managing Customer Data Could Be Putting Your Business At Risk

  • Lost customers
  • Dirty Data
  • Legal and Regulatory Penalties

In case of a breach, your business may never be able to recover from the reputational damage.

How Regit Can Help

Personal Data Protection & Privacy Compliance

Regit built-in compliance logic makes it easy to comply with Personal Data Protection and Privacy Rules.

  • Consent: No data is exchanged without customer consent on the platform.
  • Access: Data shared by the customer is also accessible by the customer.
  • Notification: Terms and conditions are transparent to the customer.
  • Accuracy: Pre-filled and automated forms reduces errors at inception.
  • Data Protection: Customizable Industry leading security keeps your data protected.
  • Data Retention: Easily destroy data to comply with your retention policy.
  • Privacy: Customer can control their privacy setting on the platform

Increase Productivity, and Customer Acquisition & Retention Rates

Compliance doesn't have to be costly or prevent business growth. With Regit you can grow your business while also complying with the rules.

  • Pre-filled Forms: Increase customer satisfaction, reduces error, and eliminate manual data input.
  • QR Code Ready and Social Sharing: Reduce acquisition friction by making it easy for customers to interact socially.
  • Events Module: Create and manage events in one place.
  • Up-to-date Customer Data: Deepen customer relationship by knowing when your customer makes a change to their information automatically with the Regit Handshake.
  • Built-in Email Module: Create, distribute, and monitor EDMs directly on the platform.
  • Built-in CRM: Organize and manage your contacts directly on the platform.

Simple & Transparent Pricing

Regit offers a number of plans to suit your business needs, including a free tier to help you get started.

  • 20 Interactions
  • 100 Registrations
  • 1 Business User
  • Basic Online Support
per month
  • Unlimited Interactions
  • 1000 Registrations
  • 2 Business User
  • Data Protection Module
  • Basic Online Support
per month
  • Unlimited Interactions
  • 5000 Registrations
  • 5 Workflow Business Users
  • Data Protection Module
  • Private Login
  • Priority Online Support
per month
  • Unlimited Interactions
  • 20,000 Registrations
  • 10 Workflow Business Users
  • Data Protection Module
  • Private Login and IP Whitelisting
  • Priority Online Support

Not enough? Regit offers custom and enterprise plans to meet your business requirements. Contact us at

An interactions refer to any customer engagement form found in the interactions module.

Regit charges a processing fee of 3.49% + .50 cents for successful payments on the Regit platform in addition to the above plans.

Security & Confidentiality

Regit takes security very seriously which is why we have partnered with Microsoft Azure to host Regit. Microsoft Azure is known for its world class performance, resiliency, and security but we don't stop there.

At the application level, Regit includes:

  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • SSL for encryption of inflight data and AES-256 encryption for data at rest
  • Complex password policy and robust password reset process
  • Microsoft Azure for performance, compliance, and security
  • Private Login and IP Whitelist for those looking for added-security